Imagining the digital future, warts and all

How does new technology change the way we use our bodies in space? What relationships with objects do we now reasonably expect? Pressing ctrl+alt+shift multiple times to magically unfreeze a laptop, wildly waving our arms in the air to turn the bathroom light ON again, the haphazard public ‘I’m on the phone’ walk… Nicolas Nova and his team have carefully observed our technologically-induced behaviours and present them back to us.

Nicolas is a design consultant, and carries out this ethnographic-style research in order to uncover new design possibilities for products that utilise or build on users’ existing ways of integrating technology into their everyday. ‘Curious Rituals’ playfully highlights the subcounscious creativity as well as the conformity of human-object relationships (the ineluctability of being a human-shaped embodied creature).

Going one step forward, ‘A Digital Tomorrow’ anticipates technologies of the near future in cinematic form. Not the seamless experience tech-makers usually present us with, but a mix of the genuinely useful and sometimes totally frustrating ways in which the technologies we use shape the way we move in space and interact with the world. It’s funny, clever, and thought provoking.

For tech-users, designers, city-planners and contemporary dancers.


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